Lucio Raggiunti

Accordion & Organetto Artist

Album Review

Album reviewed by Tatjana Marx - a world renowned accordionist

The Organetto is a diatonic button style accordion and its origin dates back to the 1700's. For decades, it has provided vivacious and high-spirited moments for people of the European countryside as an instrument used for dance and celebration.

Lucio was born and raised in Canada and began to play the Organetto at the age of six, inspired by his father who also plays. Lucio has appeared on TV and Radio shows in Canada and USA.

You would be excused if you thought that Lucio was playing a standard type of accordion because he plays with such skill it is difficult to believe that he is playing a diatonic instrument.

If you are after very lively Italian-style music for dance i.e. Tarantella's, Polkas or Waltzes, then, this CD would be an IDEAL BUY!

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