Lucio Raggiunti

Accordion and Organetto Artist


Lucio's ancestry hails from Abruzzo Italy where the Organetto is a popular instrument. His first inspiration was watching his father play.


Lucio's dynamic and charismatic stage presence creates an enchanting positive energy which inspires the heart to jump, sing and dance! His technical ability combined with polished performances makes Lucio an exclusive world class Organetto artist.


In addition to receiving a standing ovation for a fine performance at Koerner Hall, Lucio has appeared on a television show documentary. The documentary revisits unique life experiences and interesting stories as explained by immigrant Italians who made Canada their new home back in the 1950's and 60's.


Lucio composed the commercial soundtrack for Tim Horton's Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It was featured on both TV and Radio. Click Here to watch the video (note: in the video, an actor pretends to play the Accordion!).

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